a christmas wish to you...

i think i was about 5 or 6.

i had dreamed of a brand new aluminum mini kitchen set under my tree on christmas morning (heaven only knows why…i have no attraction to the kitchen now:))

we were having company over that christmas evening, and of course, i was decked out in my frilly dress, admiring my new gifts. 

a fire broke out two houses up the street from mine.  in the end, my grandfather ran in the house to help get the family out, and i remember thinking about the kids and how they had lost all of their new gifts, while i still had mine. 

and as much as christmas has stayed special to me, i think that moment at such a young age made me realize what the value of gifts were..

i love to make my own gifts to give.  i love to think about the receiver and their life and what they mean to me and the world.  

i like to close my eyes on christmas eve and freeze the moments to my heart forever. 

i like to drink in the smell of my children's heads as i hold them close and kiss them, so grateful for their prescence and health, and beautiful spirits.

i like to look at charlie and remember how we became "we"…and think about the man that i know like no one else on earth does.  i like to reflect on the life we have lived together, and dream about where the lessons we have learned and the faith that we cling to will take us.

i treasure our own holiday traditions…christmas eve brunch at my moms...

christmas eve dinner at charlie's brother's house...

church…new pi's…my sister spending the night, and waking up at 4 am because i am too excited to let my kids sleep one more minute on christmas morning. 

christmas and the holidays do not bring me personal stress

(my work at christmas is intense and brings me stress)

but i like to treasure the gift that i have given to myself at this time of year...

simplicity, family, gratefulness, God's grace and unconditional love.

i wish these gifts for each of you this holiday and coming year. 

from our family to yours...

merry christmas!




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