london your own beautiful...girls

my london marie turned 10 on friday.  "the big ONE O," she declared.  

i know i feature her more than my other two children here on the blog, but she's the one who loves the camera.  she's my artist and my dreamer and my smiler.  and she's her own beautiful. 

she wanted a trip to a spa for her birthday, so i called my wonderful teammates and friends at studio 55 in dubois to help me out.  katrina who does all my professional make-up applications for my shoots, and sarah who styles much of the hair for my shoots.  they were my partners in crime for london.  

katrina gave london a mini facial and sarah delivered the best hair wash (my girls beg to go get their hair washed at studio 55, "because it feels so good!") and taylor swift curls for my little lady.  

london felt like a queen and was on top of the world when she saw how she looked.  we had to finish up the experience with a mini photo shoot, and when she saw her pictures, i saw once again why i do what i do with my camera.  

london saw herself at her very best.  she saw herself as the beauty God created her to be.  she saw her spirit.  she saw london marie.  

it's a breath of life giving air.  it's a gift to move forward into a new year with confidence and knowledge of who you are as a girl...

it was a gift for my darling.  

and in turn, a gift for me.