for me, 2012 has been a year of discovery.

i have formed new friendships, started attending a new church, got involved in a new small group...the changes i have made, the changes charlie and i have made together, and as a family, have catapulted me into a new realm of faith that i have never been to before.  

it's been deeper, truer, and the level of self discovery i have visited has been nothing short of wonderful.


after being in business for 11 years, our first year of being in a studio, and the first 6 months of having charlie with me full time, everything has become new again.  i WANT it to be new, but i don't want the new NEWNESS.  

i came across susannah conway through another photographer i follow.  she had a download called "unraveling the year ahead 2013".  i started working through, and it has been such an amazing experience for me, myself and i.

it's easy to dream.  

it's wonderful to envision.

but as i heard a  nfl  coach quote recently (don't ask me who it was, jonah was watching him on ESPN!), a dream without a plan is a WISH.


i would encourage you, whoever you are!, to go to this site, download susannah's book.  unravel  your heart, and embark with me!  i'm planning a wonderful year as a child of God, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a business owner.  xoxo

photo credits, my amazing cousin and adopted brother:  lcimages