mr. devlin...finalist for teacher of the year

pssst, i have a secret.  the "cool, fantastic, brockway teacher" that EVERYBODY wants to have....

yeah mr. devlin.  well, i have a connection :).  he dates my super sweet sister sherri.  

not only is mr. d., an amazing teacher....not only is he privy to all of our crazy family functions...

he is ALSO a HUGE hit with the three resident watt kids :).


other than the  personal shout outs i have about mr. devlin, the point that we are celebrating most is that he is one of the 12 finalists in the state, nominated for "Teacher of the Year."  this is an outstanding honor, and he is actually the youngest educator ever to be nominated for this award. 



of course, the brother needed some fantastic images for all his recent publicity :).

ryan, we think you are amazing and we are really, really proud of you!