class of 1992. my friend boog

it's hard to believe that this year is the 20th year that i have been out of high shcool.

in school, i was fortunate enough to have a group of friends that were really special to me.

it's crazy to know how many of those friends are still close to me in my life.  and just for old times sake :), i'm giving "my crew" the shout out, and if i miss someone, please love me regardless of my old failing mind :)


nicole d.

molly b.

tammy b.

david j.

dustin c. 

kerri h.

heather n.

april m.

algie l.

sammy p.

brian h.

lori d.

amy d.

erin s.

shannon m.

nicole r.



oh doesn't that just make me want to cruise on the boulevard a few times:)

all the memories i have of my special friends....

boog was one of my crew.  

he would torment me relentlessly.  it was a love / hate relationship for most of our high school years.  

20 years of life is different for each of us. 

there have been marriages, births, schooling, accidents, careers, and much, much more in that time.

and for most of us, i think it would be fair to say, that where we are now would have suprised the heck out of us back then.

boog now lives close by to me.  

many times when i am shooting, he hollers out his window to me, in true boog fashion and torments me in ways that i now find endearing.  :)

boog has a special cat, ce ce (boog if i spelled that wrong, i know you'll let me know), and he asked me (kindly too!) if i could shoot some pictures for him.  it has been in my calendar under "shoot boog's cat", and has brought me laughs every time i see the entry, just like my memories and times with boog bring those laughs too.  

boog, i may never have told you this, but you're speial to me.  

there's only one YOU in the whole wide world (thank you Jesus :)), and i'm happy i get to call you my friend. 

and boog, by the way...your pics are done :)