family vacation 2012

i can't believe that it was almost 13 years ago that he captured my heart.  that we would marry and discover every heartache and JOY that there was, together, and that TODAY, we would be here.

i can't believe the children we would have, and the father he would become.  how i love them all!

oh these chili's (my nickname for them collectively) could they be mine...ours?  

jonah james, the baby i longed for...prayed for.  when he arrived, my every prayer was answered.

headstrong, old at heart, energetic, loveable, and my ball player....

london marie, my "old soul",  dreamer, loner, girly girl and sick baby who screamed nonstop who now smiles incessantly :)

and jordan maelee, can i even say her name without a smile on my lips?? my baby miracle who i look at everyday and shake my head that she is here with so much energy and SPUNK, and freckles, and health, and that she is ours...alive in this world today...

my life answered prayers, my treasures on earth.

this past week, we took time for each other...

and once more, my cup overfloweth.