value where your heart is


i found a bonnet while cleaning out my little girl's closet.  

i held that bonnet and yes, i even brought it up to my nose to try to smell my wee one, now all grown up.

not a chance. it smelled dusty. my baby who wore that bonnet is 9 now. 

that memory...has to stay in my heart.


by the end of this week, we will have attened 2 funerals.  

both individuals lost their young lives to cancer.  one was 40, the other mid 50's.


reflecting on my memories, and the time that goes way too fast.  

you can't get time back.

we never know what tomorrow holds...


what are your memories worth to you?

i look around and see what we choose to spend on...

super warm comfy boots $150

baseball bat $200

wonderful fitting  jeans $189

hair highlights and cut $90 

tight and warm athletic tops $50

cool sneakers that look good, and run faster :) $100

stunning ga ga gorgeous designer leather purse $390


take a look...

these aren't items that only the high and mighty posess....they are items that probably most of us have a couple of,  in the list.


styles change, jeans rip, shoes wear out....

babies grow up, cancer hits, loved ones pass on...


what do you value?

a beautiful professional portrait is an experience.  it is a memory made that stays for a lifetime.

a canvas work of art.  

value it.

you'll leave that baby picture on the wall forever.  even when he gets married.

you'll see that youthful 18 year old face on your dining room wall, even when she brings your grandchildren for a visit.

you'll feel the life in her twinkling eyes even when circumstances beyond your control hit home.


professional portraits last forever. 

value where your heart is.

you don't want to miss the chance...