introducing essenza...


i believe that God made EVERY SINGLE woman beautiful...


what is essenza?
a door that will bring you one of the most beautiful, empowering, memorable experiences of your womanhood.  
this is essenza.
essenza is the italian word for essence.
essence is defined as the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized. 
simply put:  it is who you are in your soul.
I sincerely believe that each woman is created uniquely beautiful.
God gives our souls beauty that surfaces in many different ways.  
you are beautiful.
step in:
essenza is a photographing experience like no other.
this photographed session is based on a woman’s personal desires and needs for her individual intimate photographs. 
it is always shot to capture each woman’s unique allure and sensuality.
your finished art will represent you personally.
images are textured, artistic, dreamy, sensual and tasteful.
you will enjoy a private, custom shooting session with joelle at our downtown dubois studio location.  
professional hairstyling and make-up is included.  

you are beautiful

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