paying it forward

my dad would have turned 62 this past week.

how was it that it has been over 5 years since i heard his laugh...felt his touch?

it doesn't go away.  

you don't stop missing, loving...picking up the phone to call...

not even after 5 years.

right after my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma ; brain cancer, i took this picture.

(image scanned from a film shot 2004)

little did we know at the time, that all of his 5 kids would come to treasure this photo forever.

this is dad as we knew him...remember him...

his condition changed quickly...

not a day goes by that i don't miss him...think of him, love him.


he was a testimony to me.

in honor of my daddy, cliff muirhead, charlie and i have founded "project cliff."

if you have a minute or two, please read on...

and please keep us in mind as others come face to face with life threatening conditions.