my heart speaks...whitney houston

i was a teenager in the early 90's.  whitney houston's voice is the background music to many, MANY of my teenage memories.  what a beauty she was was, and what LIFE she always had in her music.  

i watched a 20/20 special on whitney houston last week, after her death.  it really has caused a lot of deep thinking for me.  i watched a woman who KNEW in the depths of her soul (and she proclaimed it!), that she was God's child.  that He loved her.  i watched her as she loved God deeply, and her struggle in winning her battle.  

i sat there, and is saddened my heart to see how just a few initial choices changed the direction and the joy of her life.  i watched how she lost the fight, but couldn't help but think that she somehow knew that she would win in the end.  without getting theological and bringing up much debate, i think whitney knew that her "win" would be when she was with Jesus in heaven.  it just seemed like she couldn't win against the forces of this world.

talking with my children this week, i'll think of whitney houston, and how she made her choices.


i'll try again day after day to teach them to see the natural consequences, good and bad of the choices that they make in their own lives.

(images from a recent mini shoot with only my girls) 


this is loving.

this is growing.

my heart speaks.