simple sings my heart

oh the joy of being an aunt.

that my only job in the world is to simply love her....does life get any better than that?

i'm eleven years older than my twin sisters.  i got to play, love, encourage....all the fun stuff.  i loved it.

i get to do it again as an aunt.

don't get me wrong, being a parent is the most incredible experience in the world, but really, it is the scariest thing i have ever done.  my attitude, my love, my choices, my advice, my will direct the three little lives i have been blessed with FOREVER.  that my friends is huge.

so, with my 3 treasures, (jonah, london and jordan), and of course, uncle chawwwrlie, we take respite in our little gift...selah grace

and la la la...we simply get to love her