busy busy...

this time of year is usually slower for me...

i may FEEL unproductive, simply because the actual "work" i'm doing is different from normal (shoot, edit, shoot, edit)...

BUT this time, during these winter months, there has been an awful lot of work going on around here.  yes, we are reorganizing, but we are changing in really amazing ways.  along with that, i AM shooting...ALOT....crazy ALOT actually, but nothing that i can show.  

so what CAN i talk about today?

what direction CAN i show you today?

for starters...the new blog outline.  like it?

i'm changing my colors!!! can you believe it??  the "tiffany box blue" has been my fave FOREVER.  it is still my favorite color, but alas, the business colors will now be...DAH DA DA DAAAHHHHH


so change is in the wind, dear peeps.

you'll see the change coming in little ways, steadily....and you'll be hearing from me alot more from now on. (PROMISE)

to leave you, i'll tell you my fortune from my fortune cookie at lunch.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."

i just loved it....don't you? words to live by peeps, words to live by :)