goodbye 2011

why hello 2012, it's been awhile my friends!

i've spent the last few days finishing up some projects, embarking on some new, and reflecting.

i love a new year.  i love mondays.  i love the fresh brand new start we are handed ever new year and new week, and i love the opportunities that they hold.  our faith is so similar to that....maybe that is just one of the reasons why i treasure the forgiveness and the hope that every moment with my heavenly father holds.  

pondering this, i look back to the year of 2011.  i'm always amazed at how much changes in a year, but still how much life remains the same...  

*one of my baby sisters (who have been like my own children themselves) had a baby girl. HUGE to our family.  we are completely in love with miss selah grace and practically can't remember life without her.

*we have lived 5 years without my dad.  as i write this, i can hardly believe it.  with all honesty, i can say that his death has taught me every day something new.  i miss him terribly, but i have so mich JOY in all he has left with us, and all i learn from him and his life.  

*my most treasured friends have experience heart wrenching pain, serious medical issues, pregnancies, uncovered dreams, and released a new book.

*we became part of a life group that has provided friendships, spiritual bonding, and a renewed faith for our family.

*we started picture perfect / perfect picture...and will continue on with the series this year (i know we have had a break from it!)

*we, as a business reached a new high in expanding our SENIORS out 2012~

*we have become CUSTOM and DESIGN EXPERTS designing countless enormous wall displays, heirloom albums,  and photographic pieces of art for our clients whom we love to call our friends.

*we had over 1500 christmas cards sent out this Christmas season with our images covering them along with our custom designs.

*and most heavily on my heart is the thinking of what i have done this year.  about who i am, who i strive to be, how i got here and where i go from here.  i'm a very REAL person.  i'll tell you ANYTHING (practically he he he), but i'm private in my everyday life.  i'm not a big facebook person. i'm on twitter, but hardly every tweet...i have a hard time thinking that people want to know, or even care about what my random thoughts are and really, i feel funny sharing them.  i get overwhelmed easily, so i find it easier to limit the extras so that i can try to focus (chaz swears i have ADHD) on what i know i need to focus on....God, my family, and doing the work i promise to deliver.  

with that said, of course i'm a dreamer and my mind NEVER STOPS with ideas and concepts and i feel like the silent part of this year, the thinking part, has just been nurturing and fostering the wonderful plans that are ready to be put forth.  

so there it is!  2011 is history, and a new year is just waiting to happen.....

best wishes to all of you as you begin your new day!

and just for fun....a few of our holiday highlights!


the watt family!


 ha ha...i find this family picture so funny of us, but it's our family and i love it for that!

santa gets coke and milk at our house

and a few fun ones that i never shared from our christmas card shoot at brady street florist!