erin and danny are getting married in the u.s.a. :)

i know, i know...really doesn't MOST or rather all of my brides (anyone want me to shoot their wedding in italy? mexico? ireland :))? But REALLY, it's pretty darn cool that erin and danny are getting married here in the states, because they live in KOREA....yah, the country.  

i've know erin so long that i remember when she brought her baby doll to church with her.  she grew up to be a beautiful, rounded and godly young lady, and she went off to college and what do ya know, she met the man she would marry!  erin and danny met at college here in the states, and then moved to korea to work.  they were here back home to do some wedding planning, and we shot their engagements for them.  they are easy, fresh, fun, beauuuuuutiful, and IN LOVE!!!  

much love you two!  i think you are stinkin' wonderful :))))) xooxoxox.

i don't know what it is, but this one makes my heart MElllttt


weeeeeeeeeee!!!  can't wait for the wedding :)