emily and matt married in pittsburgh

going back to pittsburgh is always like going home for me.  when i drive into the city and see the skyline, the streets, the people...my heart always fills with nostalgia.  we moved to dubois when i was 9, from pittsburgh, and even today, all of my extended family resides in the burgh.  i love reminiscing as we drive down familiar streets and building....i get a new spark of inspiration as my heart comes home.

emily and matt organized their perfect day perfectly as well, choosing some of the finest that pittsburgh has to offer.  they were married at the magnificent, st. peter's roman catholic church in the northside, and their reception was at the famed pittsburgh's grand hall at the priory.  the weather, the locale, the venues, the families, and emily and matt contributing their perfect classic style and love, made this wedding perfect in very way.  

 yah, i know....to die for shoes right?

a family heriloom

i told you "class"...was i right? :)

emily is stunning

st. peter's is breathtaking

doesn't this feel like an old movie?  so MANY of their images give me that feeling!

emily and her dad
aahhhh...from the organ loft.  beautiful wedding....beautiful couple.  

congrats emily and matt!