Mikayla....SENIORS 2012

(enter drumroll)........Meeeeeeet Mikayla!!! 

Q. I go to school at: 
A. Dubois Central Catholic
Q. My favorite website:
A. cosmo girl

Q. My dream job:
A. Doctor
Q. My favorite music/artists:
A. Hip Hop/Rap
Q. My favorite magazine:
A. seventeen
Q. My favorite thing in my closet:
A. white strappy pumps
Q. My favorite pastime:
A. taking pictures

Q. My favorite high school moment:
A. my first varsity cheerleading competition
Q. I have never…
A. gone skydiving

Q. I love unscripted and loved working with joelle because:
A. her energy is fantastic!
and we loved you mikayla!
best wishes to a wonderful senior year!!!