announcing our 2nd perfect picture meeting!!!


hey peeps, here it is!  woo hoo, i'm excited about his one.  MONDAY JUNE 13TH 6 PM, STEW'S BREW COFFEEHOUSE, will house our 2nd perfect picture / picture perfect meeting.

here is what you can expect:


learn how to SHOOT THE MOMENT.

let's face my world, a picture is nothing without an emotion grounding it.  in this session of perfect picture, joelle will help you explore ways to grab a-hold of a moment and to have that moment live in your image.  as an example,  joelle will show examples of headshots from our guest speaker and author, kristinne gasbarre.  beginning with krissy's initial pro headshots, and the reason for the shoot, to her proposed book cover, to her final author photo appearing on the book, you can see FIRSTHAND how emotions, life moments, and pure energy reflect properly in an image.  and joelle will giver her personal tips to YOU in how to capture your own moments.  

for our picture perfect session of the meeting, we will also feature: kristinne gasbarre!  read on to see what a treat this will be!  

Who doesn't love LOVE? Squealing over a crush, holding hands with the guy you like for the first time, or reading his sweet text messages are some of life's biggest thrills when a girl's growing up. But almost any young woman knows that with a ton of romantic excitement comes a disappointment or two: what do you do when the guy you care so much about doesn't treat you in the excellent way you deserve?

In this session of Picture Perfect, Krissy Gasbarre, DuBois native and author of the upcoming memoir, How to Love an American Man (August 16, 2011, HarperCollins Publishers) will explore the universal experience a broken heart is, along with the important reminders every girl should know that can help her feelings heal faster. You are beautiful just because you exist. At Picture Perfect, we'll discuss why when a boy doesn't treat a girl the way she deserves, he is missing out on something incredibly special.

please rsvp in the comment section below or view my business fb page to secure place at the meeting.  we are excited to see each and everyone of you there!