once upon a time there was london marie....

once upon a time there was a mommy and a daddy who had a boy baby.  they loved this little boy very much but thought that by having another baby, even more happiness could be brought into their lives.  not too long after that, a baby girl was born.  her name was london marie.  

her mommy and daddy named her london because they thought that it was the prettiest, most ladylike name! her middle name marie, was after her great great grandmother, marie, who was english.

little london marie was a sick baby who cried and cried nearly all of time, but IN time, she grew healthy and she grew strong.  her mommy and daddy prayed for her every night that she would stay healthy, and that she would grow every day into a beautiful little girl.  her mommy and daddy knew the secret, that true beauty started from the inside, and they tried in every way to teach london the truth.  

each day as london grew, she learned to love so many different things!  she loved birds and how they sang. she loved art in all of it's different forms.  she loved flowers and she loved books.  she loved people (even her little sister!), and she showed others her love for them by the kindness that she offered to them.  

london marie was a smart little girl (even though she hated math!) and she listened to her mommy and daddy's words, but even more importantly she listened to God's whispers on her soul.  and she grew...

and she grew....

and she grew....! until she was 8 1/2 years old!
and though she has many,many, more years to grow, her mommy and daddy (and her heavenly father too!) have hearts that are overflowing NOW with love and pride for her.  they have pride in the songs that she sings, the art that she loves, the birds and flowers that she cares for, and they have pride for all of the people that london touches with her kind and generous heart.

you see once upon a time, a little girl, lady london marie, was born and grew to a beauty!  and her beauty could never be taken away from her by age, circumstances or by others.  for london's beauty grew from the deepest, most precious place of her heart, and beauty grown from there is the most magical and the most LOVELY beauty of all!

the end.