perfect picture meeting scheduled!!

helllloooo all you picture loving peeps out there :).....i have FINALLY set up a date for our first ever perfect picture meeting.   we will be meeting MAY 23, 2011 at 6PM at the fabulouso stew's brew coffeehouse.  you need to register to attend, so please contact me to register.  the meeting is free and is open to anyone and everyone.  you just need to WANT to take better pictures :)


as for the moment though, i am going to post a small perfect picture informational right here and now.  these are some commonly asked questions that i am going to do my best to answer for you:

? :  i can never seem to take a good picture.  what is a way that i can look better in pictures?   

A:  this question can be answered quickly from both the picture taker perspective AND the subject perspective, but first, let me ask a question:  when do you think you look best in a picture?  most people will answer that it is when they take a picture of themselves.  you know, the hold the camera out in front of your own face shot :)....wanna know why you look great this way?   1. because you are looking up to the camera (this is just an easy way to get a flattering image of anyone!) and 2. because you are looking at the camera how you know you look best.    know what this question answers too?  it shows that people already KNOW how they look good...we just naturally become intimidated by a lens in our face :).  loosen up and look up to say "cheese" and more than likely, you'll love how you look....easy schmeezy.  :))))


?:  i can't seem to get my camera to work the way i thought it would work.  help!

A:  this answer is asked ALL of the time.  and the thing is, again, the answer is right in your own control.  ready?????  READ YOUR MANUAL.  now, are you blown away by that?  thing is, i think we have just assumed that our cameras should work how we want them to work.  fact is, we work our cameras.  you want great pictures, the control is right in your own hands.  you are able to manipulate your camera in many different ways.  you will be able to  change the color or "temperature" of the light, the way that your camera will focus on a subject, and even how fast your picture will take.  so sit down, make yourself a cup of tea, and cuddle up with your owner's manual :).  you'll be surprised how much you learn!  


want to learn more, drink some great chai, and meet some fascinating people?  click on over to my facebook page, and let me know that you will be attending our first perfect picture meeting!  bring a friend!  can't wait to meet you!

(anyone can age limit young or old!)