i've had this present subject on my mind for a very long time now.  i have talked about this concept with those closest to me.  i am thrilled to introduce this new adventure to you.  and guess it what?  it INVOLVES YOU!

Perfect Picture/Picture Perfect is a two fold concept:

for starters, the Perfect Picture is an outreach to you.  maybe you are eager to acquire knowledge on taking better photos.  you could be a beginner, an intermediate, or even someone in the business already.  the Perfect Picture aspect of the outreach,  is designed to let me help you.  you can ask me questions about your camera and how it to expose your images to compose a better picture, or even just how to come up with great ideas in taking photos.  send me your questions, send me your intersts...let ME help YOU :).

the Picture Perfect aspect stems from me, and my beliefs.  when i take a photo of someone, i am drawn to an inherent beautiful part of that individual.  honestly, in every single person, i see beauty.  in my life, i have struggled with anorexia.  those i love most have battled bulimia.  i have tried my best to look perfect and to act perfect, and about 12 years ago, my life hit a place that i gave up the fight.  i finally understood that there was no fight for me to win.  i finally understood that God created me the way that i am, and that i am beautiful simply because i am His child.  when i learned to look at myself like that, i began to see others differently also. with that said, Picture Perfect will be a concept that will feature individuals (myself included) who will give their own stories and their own advice on how to TRULY become Picture Perfect in your own lives.  you can look for individuals featured that you may know, here in this town, or the individuals featured may be literally from across the world.


the first Picture Perfect / Perfect Picture session will be featured HERE.  stay tuned for the first session date.  THEN, we will actually meet in person for the next session.  i will also have the details for that posted here in the very near future.  until then my friends, please feel free to email me or post your questions.

 i am really looking forward to working more one on one with all of you!