i think the first thing i noticed about them was the intoxicating sweet, sweet, smell.  like the most delightful sweet butter you could ever imagine, laden with those mesmerizing scents of pure baby.  

i spent a few hours with them, and i could finally place exactly what it was love.  love saturated with obstacles and prayers that had traveled miles....across the world actually.  love that had traveled home....home on a miracle....home on God's plan.

please read on to what their momma, marielle has to say:

Eight months ago, God granted me with a very special and equally unexpected gift:  2 daughters.

When I met Justina and Jessie last July, I was unaware that I was destined to be their mother.  (In retrospect, I think they knew immediately!)   I simply thought they were stunning Malawian orphans who needed some extra love. 

Very soon though, the Lord revealed His plan for our future.  Eight difficult and beautiful months later, Essie and Ina are sleeping soundly in the next room in our home in Pennsylvania.

Innumerable miracles occurred to get these beautiful girls home and all of our lives have been forever changed by God's grace and mercy.
These photos are just a small glimpse of the love shared between mother and daughters.  We are blessed beyond measure.

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