and "a fiddle dee de..."


professional photogs  at their best:

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you know the "fiddle dee de" that they put in the nursery rhyme songs when they need to fill up space and give the rhyme some spice?  

well, i had the pleasure of a "fiddle dee de" on friday :)) 

it's so easy to get stuck when you work on your own.

so easy to come down with the same fleece lounge pants on day after day and do the same thing....don't get me's great, but it can get a little...well, for lack of a better word, "stuckish".

need for instance(s)?

*you hate the lab...but don't have time to find the product at another...

*you wonder if this or that concept works, but don't have the time to try it....

*you wonder if you are on the right path, following your artist heart...

and you bounce it off....your mac screen  :)


days can easily get like that...that's why forums, education systems and workshops are so enriching for those in the photography trade....but another great asset...PHOTOG FRIENDS.


i met up with mine on friday, just to enjoy great food, share more than a few laughs, and to have just plain fun behind the camera....

we bounced ideas off each other, talked about what works, and what doesn't for each of us, and in the re-constructing month that all photographers find themselves in right now, we chilled...and let fun motivate our changes....


meet my friends:'ve seen her much on this blog, and she's a photographer friend from punxsutawney, pa.

courtney has PEOPLE down pat.  people love her, and her easy going personality that just makes you laugh the whole time you are with her....she's not afraid to look silly....and that makes her, HER!

and jen mcken ...jen is the kind of person that makes you think that work just magically happens for her, and that it's effortless on her part.... she's a queen blogger, facebooker, and her photo projects get turned around crazy fast.  jen's photog business hails from indiana, pa.


together, we had a "fiddle de de" kind of a day...

enjoy a peek!