seniors 2012....dahs student reps!

it's hard to believe, but it's not too early to think about the JUNIORS this year, being SENIORS next year! hmmmmm, senior year means SENIOR PICTURES!  can i hear a woo hoo?

this year, i have 2 representatives from dubois high school:  savannah and alexis

you'll be seeing alot of them around school, and HERE :)  they will have information for YOU to get your senior pictures keep your eye out!  

i'm introducing savannah today, and alexis will be on deck...

without further ado:

savannah.  DAHS

the last thing i ate: "quiche"

my favorite music / artist: "alternative"

my dream job:  "to work with top fashion designers"

my favorite thing in my closet: "snowboarding pants"

my favorite pastime:  "cheerleading nationals in florida"

i love unscripted and working with joelle because:  "she makes you feel very comfortable while shooting your pictures.  i love her style of photography and all her finished work.  all my pictures i've had taken have all turned out great!"


stay tuned for part II of savannah's shoot, and to see alexis next!