there are four

there are four of us altogether.  

we have been friends since junior high school.  

now in our late 30's, we have endured so much LIFE together.  

marriages, births, heartaches, life struggles, cancer, death.....

there is something about walking through life together....hands held together, tears shed together, prayers offered together, pain endured together.....

there is something about that, that bonds are created and cannot be broken. 

there is something there that has grown, that allows you to feel for one another like you never thought possible to feel for another human being. 

tammy is one of our four. 

her 3rd baby on the way. 

life held in the precarious position of a circumstance beyond our control. 

joy of a life waiting to be loved by all of us, and prayers that God will cushion this life with more time in the womb.

again, this time with my dear friend builds on our unshakeable bond.  

seeing her love and life through my humbles my heart with love for her and her family even deeper.

one of four.  

all my love tam,