Whitney and Adam tie the knot

whitney, is the little sister of courtney of courtney katherine photography. as a big sister myself (:))), i know how difficult it is to want to be the one to photograph your sister's big day, but how torn you can feel because you want to be there for HER, and to enjoy the day with her.  

i photographed the wedding this past saturday, but i'll assure you, courtney had her camera in her hand most of the day too!  it was such a wonderful, beautiful fall day, and the foxburg inw was in the height of it's glory.  the fall leaves, the impeccable decor that whitney labored over, and most of all, the beauty of the day itself.

i'm sure courtney will have images on her blog from the day as well.  be sure to check them out!


whitney and adam.  g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.