this is the story of a lens...

bah bah bah...can you just hear the drama that is about to unfold? actually, the drama is over, the happy part is just waiting to be out in the open...


alot of people ask me about my equipment.  actually, when i scope out other photographers, that is also one of my primary interests as well.  i love to see what they use to get what i see...make sense?

so here is my list:

canon 5d mark11

canon 5d

canon 40d

canon 50mm 1.4

canon 100mm 2.8 macro

canon 24mm 1.4

canon 580exII speedlight

cactus wireless flash trigger

sunpak video light

full studio light set


i have more lenses, but those are my "go to lenses", and the ones i use 100% of the time.  

they are prime lenses.  this means that i move myself back and forth....the lens will not move.  it is a FIXED lens.  there is no zoom...i'm the zoom :).  why you ask??  because they are the best.  they are the best glass in a lens.  they are crisp and clear.  there is less grain and distortion.  i just love them.

when i started out, and followed different photog around the u.s., the ones i found myself drawn to were the ones who used the "primes."  i began with my 50mm, went to the 100mm next, and lastly, the 24mm.


prime lenses cost more.  alot more.  aahhh, but they are worth it....they slide like buttah :), and when you shoot wide open, and focus on the one "point" that you want in focus, there is nothing like it.

my 24mm lens was really costly.  it was a big investment, but one that i felt would pay off for me in the long run.  it's's heavy....i was in lovve INSTANTLY..

i've had this lens about 2 years....when i am on a shoot, i have a shootsac

it keeps my lenses on my side and makes them accessible for me because i change them constantly!

oh, i'll get to my story.....i lost my 24mm!!!

it was thanksgiving, and i had shoot a few days after, and pulled my shootsac out of it's "place" (where i store it after my shoots), and my 24mm was gone!

i searched everywhere.  my mom's husband swept through the snow in every place i had been.  i searched.  i called the police. i cried.  i prayed. i was gone.

i told friends, and i could not bring myself to tell charlie.   i was ashamed i could be so careless.  i've never dented a car...never broke something could i tell him that i was so stupid that i lost a $1600 lens, and had no idea where?  it killed me that i lost it, and it killed me that i was too ashamed to tell him. somewhere deep inside, i felt i would find it anyway.  maybe it was faith....maybe it was me not wanting to face reality, but after months of not being able to find it, i told him.

i bawled...i apologized, i reasoned with him (i mean myself), and he was silent.  after my whole "display", he grabbed me in a bear hug and said, "baby, it's just a lens..."  (i you all want to marry him....he's  mine :))


so fast forward another month to this past friday.  i have a whole routine getting ready to shoot a wedding...

clean my lenses....pack my gear...clean my cameras...format my cards....pack my bags...double check..triple check....

i was "routine" friday nite getting ready for my saturday wedding, when i pulled my canon backpack off it's shelf...

my eye caught the glimpse of glass and my heart stopped.  sweet jesus, it was my 24mm and i started yelping! the lens had slipped out of my shootsac when i laid it down, and had fallen behind my canon backpack. i had looked there on my hunt for it....i had searched there!  i couldn't even talk...just made really loud noises and "oh my goshs'" which caused charlie much more distress than when i admitted i lost the lens in the first place...  he and my sister (who almost delivered her baby at this point as well) were just a wee tiny itty bit angry with me and my outburst...he he he...but my lens was back....or was there the whole time :).

my prayers were heart was stilled (and i wonder where my kids get it), and hallelujah, i could get my groove back with my lens :).

so....happy monday peeps....keep your faith this week...and just remember, you decided to read this post, i never asked you to :)......

until the drama continues once more....