a year of heart

wow.  2011.

life keeps going doesn't it? 

i remember as a kid, even christmas vacation seeming like it was a long event.  these days, i blink, and a year has passed already.  

it sure has been a great year.  i have had clients that have become special friends.  clients that have been faithful to me, and many new clients who i am looking forward to working with.  

this past year, charlie and i had set goals for the business, and made decisions in changing the business.  my mom came to work with me, and has been a huge asset in working with my wonderful clients in reaching the needs that they have with their amazing images.  

on the homefront, my kids have grown up right in front of our eyes.  they are little adults in our home, and we are just loving this time with them.  baseball, football, gymnastics, piano, and many other interests and activities are the highlights in our lives these days.  charlie and i have been blessed with 10 years of marriage, and our years together have been eventful to say the least.  we serve jesus christ, and even in the most difficult of times, HE has been faithful to us.  

looking ahead to the coming year, i am filled with so much excitement. i am looking forward to taking a giant leap of faith in many areas involving my photography.  i'm excited for the opportunity that i will have to share with you as changes that i have dreamed of for a long time, finally come into play.  

custom custom custom

seniors galore

fantastic brand new products

babies abound

personal service

traveling lots to shoot

new website

new logo :)

new blog

new locations

did i mention custom?



and one more thing:

my heart.

i've held back alot on my words, and even alot of my work this year.  i haven't shared quite a bit of the work that i have done.  i've been guarded, but i've also been doing alot of work that i'm not permitted to share as well alot of work, that i choose not to share.  

but, i'll share this:

i'm giving you back me this year....the best of me that i have to offer.  i'm looking forward to a change in my heart this year....and i'm looking forward to sharing my heart with YOU!

well now.....i sure am looking forward to 2011!

(and just bc a blog post is no fun without pictures...here's a family pic from our vacation this summer!)