amazing grace.....steve and jen

 i had the pleasure last sunday, of shooting the wedding of my dear cousin, steve (founder and owner of the ESTEEMED fresh pasta company, FEDE.  

steve and jen and their children, caleb, abby, cross, and tessa, have such a deep love story.  a story of extreme heartache, and the promise of God's unfailing grace in our lives.  steve shared this with me:


In every heartache and pain – you get to see what you are made of, what is important, what you can do without, draws into focus who you are in Christ."



steve's the kind of guy who only speaks what he means from his heart.

jen's the kind of woman who has fought her way back to smile again.

and together.....well, they are answered prayers.



steve's parents, my aunt sandy and uncle mike.  i love you both dearly.

the reception was at nine on nine in pittsburgh.  exquisite, intimate, perfect.


much love cuz' and many prayers,