overflowing 36

yesterday was my birthday.

i turned 36.

not 16, not 26, 36!  geez louise, how in the heck did that happen???

yesterday, today....this is what i have lived for.  this is what i have prayed for.

take an inside look at my sweetly perfect day :):):):)


oh wait!!!  

my birthday started out this weekend...i forgot...he he he.  my cousin got married in pittsburgh, and he put us up (thanks steve) at the fairmont in downtown pitt.  GA GA GORGEOUS!!!!  this was the view from our room

ahhhhhhhh.....so fine.  R.E.L.A.X.   after we shot the wedding of course (stay tuned for pics !)

then we bought out IKEA, re-do'ing my office to serve all you wonderful peeps out  there even better :)


and then......

i woke up yesterday to the kiddies telling me to stay in bed :)

and when i came down the stairs (with permission), i was greeted with noise makers, streamers, and balloons.

they made me breakfast (the night before they prepared it.)  

it was a "pond" designed by my budding, creative little London.  special k as the water, pretzles dipped in peanut butter as the fishing poles, and yes, madarin oranges as the rocks around it.  YUM...right?  :)))

fyi:  don't you make fun of my jammies either!

i was then presented with the present that london has worked on all week for me.  see it wrapped in tissues and yarn?  it was a necklace made by her, and a potholder.  i also got a justin beiber cd (taken promptly upstairs for listening pleasure by my youngest, jordan).

and my sweet sweet husband even gave me a sweet sweet, "sweet 16 card"  (so we have a warped sense of humor.  so what?)  this is what it read

and the evening was followed with a homemade apple pie made by my 5 year old and chaz, homemade, filled cupcakes (my favorite), and homemade ice cream.....yum!

i cut back this year. 

i cut back on my weddings, on my shoots in general, and i am trying to give more to the people i love.


36 years is a long time to live. 

but i have a life ahead of me.  

this is the life i have prayed for.

and once more, my cup overfloweth.