a little relax......


wow.  i needed a vacation.  i know everyone needs a vacation now and then, but i NEEDED a vacation.  

'just sayin.

all you working mom's out there, do i hear an "amen?"

i know how fortunate i am to do what i do.  a skill and a job that i love.  but i work out of my home.  and i work 'round the clock so i can be with my children.  and up until now, aside from a summer of help from my sister, i have been a one man show....completely on my own. 

emails get answered by: me

phone calls get returned by: me

scheduling done by: me

shooting: uh, me :)

downloading performed by: me

editing: yep, me again

ordering appointments: hhhmmmmm, me

orders placed by: me

pick ups scheduled by: me

AND.....wedding itineraries are put together by, yours truly.  creativity derived by, ME (are you detecting a pattern here???), blogging :me, and facebook WAS me too.

nOw i also have:

3 kids, a husband :), laundry, a huge old home, hmmmm.....i think i have some friends i like to spend time with, :):):, baseball, soccer, gymnastics.....2 sisters (1 who got married in january...yep wedding details go in there too), and chaz and my family's.




so we took one.  to ocean city maryland.  

i slept like a champ all week.  :)))))
i ate way too much of this:

 and these:and i read three books!!!

and most importantly, i spent time with THEM:  (all taken with my Nikon cool pix...blah!)


and now, i'm back!!!

and starting this week, my mom, Cheryl, will be handling all of my scheduling and all of the ordering.  so if you call and get her, you know who she is :))  oh, and my sister sherri will be handling my poor lonely abandoned facebook page that i haven't seen since christmas.....yay!!!


stay tuned for super busy blogging in this super busy season.