micah vincent

my cousin jared called me from pittsburgh.  he and his wife alyson, just had their first baby 7 weeks ago.  

meet beautiful micah vincent 
this image just screams "little ole' italian man" to me :)

my aunt sandy and uncle mike with all of their grandchildren:  caleb, cross, abby, tess and micah

my aunt sandy and uncle mike are incredibly special to me.  they are two of the most godly, giving, loving, caring people who carry servants hearts within them.  oh, and they are each 100% italian!  perfecto!

love you so so much, and i am so thrilled to see the family God has blessed you with!

now i have to tell you, i took my little helper with me that day.  SHE IS 5!  on occasion, i will take one of my children with me, give them a camera, and let them shoot.  we have a great time together, and i love to let them experience what i get to experience myself.  after i had edited these blog pictures, i opened jordan's folder to take a quick peek at what she shot.  i was FLOORED!!!!!!!!  i absolutely couldn't believe the composition, the angles, and the clarity that her pictures had!  i HAD to include 2 of hers, just so i could brag!


not bad for 5 'eh?


jared, alyson, steve, aunt sandy, uncle mike and all the kiddies....i LOVE you!  thank you for letting me share this special time with you.