peacock feathers and love :)

yipppeee yippeeee yay!! courtney and brian got married on saturday.  courtney, my friend and fellow photographer had every detail per... per... perfect for her big day!    so so much i could say about the entire day AND courtney, but i'm going to let the pictures do the talking :):)  xoxoxoxo!

now notice!  every single detail, every single flower was put together by miss courtney herself  (oh, and her entourage of pretty helpers!)

all graphics by the esteemed mr. greg hoover :):)

btw, courtney and i didn't notice this for awhile, but the feather wreaths that were in each centerpiece , were an exact match to the wreath i have hung on my front door!  i am finding this so funny right now!
thanks to melissa v. for this pic of me in action dressing up courtney's gorgeous eyes.  this photo makes me laugh!  we both look like such "serious artists!"

courtney and whitney.  beautiful sisters together!  the tears started immediately after this snap of my camera.

and now of course, i can't wait to post the images of courtney and brian together!  you'll see the ceremony and reception later!  from one photographer to another, bring on the couple pics, 'eh court?

courtney started yelling, "look joelle, look!"  and her veil was sweeping perfectly in the wind.  oh, the photography gods were on our side that day!  :)

yay!!!!!!!!!  congrats courtney and brian!  stay tuned for part 2~