jamie and ryan....married :)

whew!  4 weddings in a row!  i have 4 part II's to get up and running, but to start, i'd love to give you a peek into jamie and ryan's super classy wedding day.  black, ivory, and blush pink.....just gorgeous and timeless.

enjoy jamie and ryan!

little nora's teeny feet.  isn't that name just drippy sweet?  nora?

jamie's mom and dad recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.  jamie got ready in their bedroom and i just couldn't resist setting this image up.

the prayer bible that jamie's family has carried down the aisle for generations...

pics in the girlhood bedroom of jamie's...love love love

look at this bouquet....i was in LOVE with this bouquet filled with peonies....yummmmm!

the men saw this on the hillside....love it!

she is just beautiful

i did not enhance her eyes at all.  she is just naturally this beautiful!

hey look who was at his own wedding too!! (just noticed how few pics i had poor ryan in!)

congrats to you jamie and ryan....stay tuned for part II!