shut up! zach and savannah

really?  really?  i'm just saying,  "shut up"  is ALL i could think when i was editing these pictures.

is it articulate?  nope.

is it sensible, charming, language as i look at the beautiful faces of one of my BEST friend's children?  

certainly not.

but honestly, it is all i kept saying as i went through these images!

zach and savannah are the children of my precious friend molly.  molly became a mom when we were just young, immature teenagers.  as i look at her children, i am utterly amazed and so very very proud of the job that she did raising them on her own (their dad lives across the country).  

they are smart, responsible, respectful, and beautiful children.  they are a perfect reflection of their mom molly, one of my dearest, most special friends.

zach is graudating this year and is a video game GURU!  :)

(personally, i think he is going to be ambercombie's top model of the year in 2012, but hey, that's just me sayin'!)

miss savannah will be a junior next year.  and well, do i need to say more about savannah?  really.  

just look at her!

so proud of all of you! 

much love you three!

i want a picture like this of my pics when they get this age!