megan and ryan are married! part 1

oh, this couple was magical.  i just love their families, and them, and all the kiddies that were there!  

i just love to shoot a wedding that has the magic and it's magic that everyone in attendance can feel.

megan is the youngest of 3 girls, and ryan is the youngest of 3 boys!

the babies of the family are married....YAY!!

enjoy part 1 you two!

megan's dad, mr. g.  can you just feel his heart right now? :)

beautiful child #1

beautiful child #2beautiful child #3beautiful children #4 and #5  seriously, aren't they just angelic?megan's dad was a lifelong football coach.  doesn't his wink scream coach?  :)married!yay!!  stay tuned for part !!

congratulations megan and ryan!