and that's ashley...

maybe you need to be able to understand how much my sisters were like my own children growing up.  or maybe you would need to be able to know the pure hearts they had as well as of the pure hearts of the friends that they chose. friends that they have had since the first day they climbed into that big yellow bus....if you could see what i did 19 years ago, and then through the years, you'd be able to understand why i get so excited and so emotional about my sisters' friends getting married :)  

and that's ashley.  

ash, you have grown to be an amazing and wise and godly woman.  how happy and how proud i am to see you with the man that is your answered prayers.

we shot in punxsy.  brandon and even some of ashely's family have a long history of buying their engagement and wedding rings from beatty's jewelers.  the store has such sentimental value to them and we had so much fun incorporating the store and the town of punxsy into our shoot!

and i had to sneak in the next pic of my stylist/assistant/ashley's friend/my sister who snuck into the shot (accidentally of coursee!)

he he he love it!

ashley and brandon's THANG is laughing together!

and then we happened upon an antique store.  i found this great hymnal in it and had to get them goofing off with it :)

and off to a quick change for a picnic!

come it ash!  

come on!

there you go!

next is the wedding you two!

love love love you!