mia the wilhelmina model AND her mom, nicole the NURTURE REST entrepreneur

wow....ummmm....i have been silent too long!  i've been busy busy plowing through projects and have done NO updating on my poor, lost, little abandoned blog!  NO FEAR PEOPLE!!!  blogging is about to resume full speed ahead!

now, after all that drama, i must tell you more about my blog headline today:

i shot miss mia over a month ago to get her some headshots for her modeling career.  since then, i am super proud to say that she has been signed on by the most prestigious, wilhelmina modleing agency for modeling and acting!

congratulations mia!  i am so proud of you and i canNOT wait to see what success lies ahead of you!


AND NOW...for mia's mom, nicole.  nicole has been a friend of mine since high school and has worked at the neonatal unit at our local hospital, drmc for many years.

yesterday, our newspaper, the courier express, featured an article on a project that nicole has taken on, in inventing a device to hold and nurture premature babies to help in their development.

if you would PLEASE go to this link, and vote for nicole, in developing her vision to help preemie babies, i would GREATLY appreciate it!

congrats on your accomplishment so far nicole!!!!  i'm so proud of you and am rooting you on ALL THE WAY!

Idea Image

nicole explains....

"My company will help premature babies in the NICU, with my inventions of much needed developmental care aides.  My products have evolved over time with actual feedback from Doctors, Nurses, and parents in a NICU. One of my products is a developmental care aide to help sick, full-term and premature babies make it through their critical stay in the NICU. This device assists nurses by allowing them to more efficiently and effectively care for babies. Nurture Rest was designed to re-create a Mother's chest also known as Kangaroo Care. Resulting in babies increase in rest & growing time, increase in better feedings, decrease in skin breakdown, better oxygenation of infant due to comfort which will assist the baby in developmentally progressing.  Parents love seeing their baby comfortable and Mom's actual heartbeat can be added to Nurture Rest for further bonding. Let these sweet patients feel refreshed."