i have dreams...i have friends

i have talked about it before.

the changes to make in my life as well as my business.

the God that I serve, has called me to a specific purpose in my life.

pictures.  loving people.  trying, in the best, yet most human way possible, to show others the beauty that God gave to each of them, and to them alone. 


i have been blessed with friends.  people who through the years love me unconditionally.

so many friends......friends that have stood by me for years.

friends just as loyal who i've met in my parenting years.

from left to right, luann, a friend of the watt family FOREVER.  jen, she gave birth to her 3rd, the NIGHT this picture was taken!.  miranda, we faced our children's fate at the same time in.  we are bonded in rejoicing in our blessings.  me, miss hannah gave me the flower for my hair :).  nicole, one of my bestest ever.  she knows my heart like no other.  molly, of  "my girls".  one of the four who are my forever friends.  savannah.  molly's beautiful, amazing daughter.  tammy.  the completer of  "my girls."  tammy and i share parallel lives that are so very special.   kelly.  a super precious friend that has daughters the age of both of my girlies.  her girls are 2 of my girls' besties, and she is very special to me.  and autumn.  autumn married my sweetie's best friend, ed.  yet even though she married chaz's best friend, she soon became my sweetie's bestie as well.  OH!  and shannon, my sister!  she headed up the HAIR on saturday, and all who read this blog KNOW how much her and sherri mean to me.  and not in the picture, my mom.  she has a birthday tomorrow, and i am so blessed to call her my mother.


SATURDAY was a wonderful day.





may i introduce you to part of my backbone...

privileged i am, to call them my friends.