goodness, mercy me!

my little 7 year old LOVES birds.  she has books that gives pictures of them, and then lets you hear the actual call that the bird makes.  she keeps binoculars on her windowsill to bird watch, and keeps her eyes peeled constantly for pretty birds.

she was waiting for the bus this morning and pointed up to a tree limb.  

"look daddy!  an american eagle!"

my husband turned to look, thinking to himself that there could not possibly be an american eagle in the tree on our corner city block.  

lo and behold, this is what they saw.  

from what we were able to look up, it seems to be a crested hawk eagle.  any bird professors out there??

and just an fyi:  the kiddies didn't miss the bus and chaz took the photos!



i got a brave streak and went outside to shoot some.  believe you me, i am NOT, i repeat, NOT a wildlife photog!  standing in my pajamas on the road (yes pj's at a problem with it???  don't YOU just want to work from home?  he he he), i began shooting the "bird" after chaz informed me that it now had prey.  i caught this image before  it spread it's wings and lunged forward and then turned.  i hit the ground grabbing for my head and am STILL shaking!!  oh, what i'll do for a picture!!!