coming full circle...

it was 11 years ago that my sweetie bought me my first "real" camera.  up until then, i was using a professor's camera and my mom's point and shoot.  i had been shooting for about 4 years even then.  i would take my photos to be developed, and the technician's would always ask me if i "shot professionally."  

"nope"...just for fun....and because i'm mesmorized with my beautiful twin baby sisters.

it was 11 years ago, that my education with my camera started.  i knew what was in me.  it was all so different that i had seen anywhere.  i didn't want posing....i wanted heart.  i wanted to show on film what i felt from the subjects that stood in front of my lens.  it didn't make sense to alot of onlookers....

"your pictures are crooked."  "they aren't looking at the camera...don't you want them to look at you?"

"nope.  this is the way i see it."

it was 2001 that i started shooting for money.  i couldn't believe it actually had come to a point that people wanted me to take their picture, and they actually wanted to pay me to take it!   my sweetie, chaz, encouraged me and believed in me like i don't think anyone ever had before.  his belief in me empowered me.  

business grew.

i had three babies in 3 years.  

business grew and stopped.  grew and stopped.  grew and stopped.  and grew and grew.

i made the decision to switch to digital.  digital was just catching on.  i was going to be ahead of the  curve.  i thought it would be easier.  HUH!

with digital, i now had to learn to become the darkroom.  i shot in RAW which allowed me the opportunity to manipulate so many different aspects of an image.  i continued with my own style.  i had no one to observe.  i paved my own way.  

in 2009, i had my busiest year yet.  i shot 30 weddings.  i shot seniors, families, children, babies, professional headshots, magazine layouts, and billboard photos.  i was still doing my own thing.  sure i gained inspiration from people and sites everywhere.  but even with inspiration, i was my own.  never once did i ever shoot a setup because i had seen an exact image somewhere.  creativity, and uniqueness, not to mention just plain shooting, is exhausting.  it draws everything from you physically and emotionally.  2009 drew too much.  plain and simple.  

remember i have these?

(photo courtesy of courtney

in alot of ways, i've made it!  in alot of ways, i've lost it.  shooting so much pushed me into situations that caused me to not always be true to myself and my style.  i know what i'm good at.  i know what  i love.  i now know my capacities, and my limitations.  

so, i'm changing.  WHEW!  i'm booked for 2010 at a total of 12 weddings.  2011, i will accept between 10 and 12 weddings.  i am shooting with a new perspective and vision.  when i shoot your wedding, we will share a deep vision.  we will work together, collectively, to document your day in the ways i am the best at.  you will FEEL.  and i will have time to breathe :)

also, a dear friend and colleague and i, krissy gasbarre,  ( will launch a brand new concept and company in LA STORIA STUDIO.  stay tuned in the next few months to see the wonders we have in store for you.  


so there you have it.  C.H.A.N.G.E.  you will see it everywhere with my name.  much will stay the same, but the quanity will change dramatically as well as the content.


thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far in my dreams, and my business.

here's to 2011.  here's to continuing on a unique and less traveled path.  here's to staying true to myself and the people i love.  and here's to many adventures to come!