a JOYful christmas to all

this time of year is BUSY!!!

here at the watt household, it has been magical.

the kiddos are 9, 7, and 6.  our family has been joined by "louis", our own little elf.  our trees are up.  our xm radio plays our favorite holiday tunes 24 hours a day, and the holiday scents fill our rooms.   

charlie and i got married in our house 10 years ago.  i came down our staircase, and we married in front of our fireplace in the foyer.  about 100 of our friends and family were here to witness.  that nite, i had my sister in law read something i had written:  i talked about the memories we were building from that present moment on.  10 years ago, i asked our guests to envision the years to come, what our walls would see.  the love...the babies...the tears...the JOY...our children...christmas mornings with the kids running down those very stairs...

i have to pinch myself  to believe i'm in this moment...

every wish, every heart wrenching desire, every single prayer...i hold in my hands.  at this moment, i behold the moments i dreamed of, and this season, we have taken the TIME to LIVE these moments.  

our christmas wish to you, is to live your moments.  

merry christmas and may god bless us everyone :)