casey and ben are married :)

oh the sweet mckinney family means so much to me :)  

honestly, i just love this family to pieces.  

i've been over the story before, but i'll tell it again.....i was the laurel queen in 1992 (yes...please hold your gasps and applause :)))).  i stayed for the entire "laurel week" with the mckinney family.  it was love at first site with them all.....

smarty kelly....sweetie lauren....spitfire casey....handsome mark, and debbie....well, debbie listened to me that whole week about the troubles of my heart.  i love each of them for their own special ways....(and tyler came years after that.  he is a doll baby at 15)



casey was SEVEN then....SEVEN!!!!!!!  

and now, sweet casey is married...

love love love you family....

enjoy my take of your day

(oh and stop back for round 2 later this week)

 come back for more :)