it's a love fest....brandon and brianna

love fest...not for my mac right now...grrrrr....(having issues if you haven't picked up on that)

but it's a love fest for the carr family!

let me make some ties for you:

brandon (the groom), is the brother of the very famous, brooks carr of studio 55 and his lovely wife, buffy. :):):)

brandon is also the SON of the amazingly talented. blaine carr...and the wonderous children watcher, shelley.  :)

brandon is NOW the son in law of the famous, shannon shaffer catering (that makes brianna the daughter :):)).



more background....

i grew up with the carr family.  most holidays and summer nights in my memory are spent with this family and debbie :)  (the resident videographer of the clan).  how SPECIAL they are all to me.


so so so much love,


yes!  you know them!  the carr family.....are they beautiful or are they beautiful??

thsithis image compliments of my second shooter of the day, AND COUSIN...the amazing, lon campbell of lcimages.

oh, parents blaine and shelley whom i love so!

can september get any more beautiful in pa???

lon campbell again...ahahhh!