our hearts are breaking...please let him live.

update 10.20.10 Pastor Dave had a good day, his vitals have stabilized and he is resting comfortably

update 10.19.10  thank you everyone for your prayers...please keep praying.

Pastor Dave has taken a turn for the worse, his vitals are weakening and he has developed an infection and fever, please continue to pray for a miracle, also pray for Jill and Dave's family!

UPDATE:  this update was sent by the church.  thank you for your prayers!

Please continue to pray for Pastor Dave, he is still on the ventilator but they have reduced it because PRAISE God he is breathing on his own, also there is some brain activity which the doctors are very pleased with…Please continue to pray for a miracle!

(pastor dave smith on the left.  pastor dick whitaker on right)


sometimes, no about 99% of the time, "religion" gets messy.  

why we let it get that way, i don't know.

in general, we let ourselves be pulled in and wrapped up in what "denominations" believe

no drinking, no smoking...don't you wear your skirt too high...keep your mouth clean.  drums in church? heavens no.  come to church in jeans?  don't even try it.  

all the rules and regulations of what we have let PEOPLE place on our lives, surely takes a toll on most people.  yet, just not the rules, but the "authorities on high" (usually the most pressed suit in the pews),  are what turn people away the most.  we exist in such a judgemental church universe, and none of it is ordained by God.

God is not a God who judges or who sees the things that "people" see.  my God...our God is different.  

i for one, have been wounded by christians.  thank God, i realized that i was wounded by them, and not Christ. i may be in a different place in my life than i am now had i relied on people.

i attend treasure lake church in dubois.  it is patored by dick whitaker (a former DAHS wrestling stand out), and dave smith, (his parents owned the "smith dairy farms" here in dubois)

our church has strived from the depths of our hearts to accept, and, not on our own terms, but soley on our loving God's.  dick's (pastor) son, derek was a heroin addict who lost his life to an overdose.  we learned alot together through that loss.  dave, has been dick's friend since childhood.  he moved back to the area, from virginia, to help pastor our growing flock.  while dick is bold and loud and rough in his presentation, dave is the complete opposite.  he is eloquent and loving.  deeply caring, and grounded.  he is one of the most kind, sincere men i have met. dave is so so genuine.  he is real.   he and his wife jill are loved dearly by all.  


dave had a massive stroke this morning and was life flighted to presby hospital in pitt.  

i have none of his words to say it, so i'll be blunt. it looks as though hope is gone.

my God says in his word that He is hope and i know that hope is not gone.  

dave is 58 years old.  

both of his parents are alive and well.

his granddaughter is surviving cancer.  his daughter and family have just moved here from virginia as well to be close.  he can't die.  we all need him, and he just can't die.


it all  feels so surreal.  he just performed the marriage of my dear friend gaye, on saturday.  he sat next to me and complimented me on everything he could think of for the entire brunch we shared together.  i just took these pictures of him and dick horsing around.  dick was way too close for dave's comfort level.  my car battery died at the wedding.  i was embarrassed and dave rounded up the jumper cables to get it started.  all the while being so sweet and kind and REAL while lending a hand. 


aahhh...what am i saying?  i'm rambling and i just want you to pray.  i beg for you to pray for him.

my kids were praying for him tonite and my little london started crying.  she sd "he's such a nice man mommy i don't want him to die.  and mommy he's missing our new wal-mart."   

none of us want him to die.  please please pray.

be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope for and wait for and expect for the lord.  

psalm 31:24