the cooper's...round II

i was able to snap a few pictures on shannon's wedding day.  i left the complete job in the hands of my photog. friend, courtney.  check out her site for complete images from the day.  they will be coming soon!

here is the 2nd part of the day through my eyes and shaky hands.  

much love you two!

my dad passed away 3 years ago, and my siblings and i never met my dad's mother (she died when he was a teenager).  however, my dad used to say how much my sisters looked like his mother, and my aunt has remarked  the same.  i have a few pictures of her that i thought would be neat to see.  even when our loved ones aren't here with us, isn't it wonderful to see how they still are?

according to my aunt joanne, they used to call her "little miss hollywood"...

and her and my grandfather on their wedding day.  i'm not even certain as to the year.

honestly.....look at my little guy.....AH!

a sweet picture of groomsman brian, and his daughter

oh, i could eat them!

my mom and shannon shared a dance.  this song makes me cry

May God grant you peace 
 in the midst of a storm 
May God give you strength even 
when you’re forlorn 
May you answer the door when 
Jesus comes knocking 
May wisdom guide when 
your mouth is talkin’ 
May discretion protect you 
and keep you pure 
May you never stumble 
or fall for a lure 
May your heart remain humble 
to the very end 
May uprightness and truth 
be what you defend 
May the world not ensnare 
or change who you are 
May the light that's within you 
shine like the stars 
May angels surround you 
body, spirit, mind 
May favor and peace be yours to find 
May rejection and pain 
never reach you 
May your spirit grow bold 
for what you’re called to 
 -by Rachel Aldous

happily ever after!