shannon and jarad part 1

there just aren't words.

it was a day of tears, and happiness, and missing, and loving, and healing, and was a day of "heart don't forget" moments.  it was a whirlwind.  it was exhausting, and it was exhilirating.  my baby sister got married.  this is part 1

it all started FRIDAY...with mani's and pedi's...and my girls cam along for the girlie fun...YAY!!!

shannon and sherri were practicing the choreography to the song that shannon sang to jarad at the reception.  my mom was posing as jarad :):)

ashley was so ticklish during her pedi!

my mom walking shannon down the aisle at the rehearsal

mom and bill watching the rehearsal

beautiful, sweet sherri

don't you want me to be the matron of honor at your wedding??  check out the shot i can get from the MOH spot!

jarad's nephew calvin.  is the cutest or what?

jarad loving on shan at the dinner following

my kids were in LOVE with little calvin.  sorry brothers or sisters to come!!

it's wedding DAY!!!!!!!!

centerpiece compliments of adrienne donaldson :):):)...isn't it, and shannon just fabu???

cheers!  here's to sisters, friends, and love forever!!!

by this point, i was shaking like a leaf.  my baby sister....getting married!!!

shan and my mom

mom and sherri working on shannon's gown

my girls watching aunt sherri practice singing for aunt shannon's wedding....

they hold hands on their own.  be still my still.

part II to follow.....

all of my love baby sis,