kasey and matt are married...again :)

kasey and matt had their wedding on new years eve....it was 3 years AFTER they orginally sd "i do."

you know, a wedding is a day that a girl dreams about.  it's a day that i'm sure every father thinks of the first time he holds his brand new daughter in his arms.  a wedding.....it's special. :)

kasey and matt have both served in the armed forces.  both are very established in their military careers. while they were serving overseas, they were married.  now, both on u.s. soil, they decided to celebrate their marriage back home (they reside now in california), on new year's eve.  friends and family flew in from literally, all over the country to watch this family (little samantha is 2:)) CELEBRATE the love that they pledged to one another 3 years ago, and to recommit that love once more. 

that's the story....here are the people.....kasey and matt are special.  so special.  they are the kindest, most loving, funny, down to earth, compassionate people that God put on earth.  little samantha is beautiful, spunky, and has her sweet daddy wrapped around her finger....and TIGHT!  and just the day after the celebration, kasey and matt found out that they are having a new addition to their special little family. YAY!!!!!!!  kasey, matt, you know how i feel about the two of you.  i love you both.  thank you for being my friends.  :)

enjoy your post from your wedding celebration.  sorry it took so long......i think i and now starting to recover from shannon's wedding!:):):)  happy 2010!

the red fern hosted the ceremony and reception for the evening

ssamantha's little shoes...

and kasey's....

kasey and her brother adam have such a special bond.  i hope my little ones grow to love each other like you two do!

all 4 at the "altar"...and just look at kasey's mom, amy (one of my all time favorite people!) looking at them!  love!!

isn't it just lovely how a child brings so much life and love into everything???  love this shot!

kasey's dad and little samantha.  there is something about this picture that i just love :)

father daughter dances always make me cry.......

kasey's dad has a band, and her brother actually plays in nashville.  and the lead singer....well SHE is a new rising talent!  he he he

my fellow "petite" friend :))  it's a tall person's world, isn't it kasey :)?

back to my house for the aftersession.....it was a freezing blizzard outside!!!

we shot the aftersession, two days after the wedding.  matt had a limited wardrobe being so far from home, and not thinking i would get his socks in a picture, took a walk on the wild side, and wore white socks!  i told him i wouldn't let them show, but i'm breaking my promise! sorry matt! i HAD to include the white sock shots.  i just couldn't resist...and i think they make you even more loveable!!  he he he