my baby sister ....shannon leigh cooper :):):)

i'm 11 years older than my twin sisters, shannon and sherri.  if you know me at ALL, you know how precious they are to me.  

well, shannon married the love of her life yesterday, jarad.  it was an amazing, emotion filled, whirlwind day. shannon is my best friend (sherri too!), my sister, and in a unique way, also my daughter.  she works with me, she loves on my children enormously, and she is the most fantastic, talented, beautiful, full of life woman that you may ever meet. shannon's beauty begins in her HEART.  i am so very very proud of her.  

i was the matron of honor in the wedding, thinking i would be able to shoot most if it too...HA!!!!!  i shot a few!  (thanks to courtney, my photog friend who shot the entire day), i was able to focus on the details, shannon, and carving the entire day in my heart.

we did bridals of shannon a few weeks before the wedding.  i HAD to be able to shoot her as i wanted, in her bridal attire......i have been on pins and needles, NEEDING to post these!

here she is! beautiful baby sister and best friend....shannon leigh COOPER!!!! MMMMMMMMWWWWWAAA!