laura and alex...part II of perfection

i know, i know.  i made you wait far too long for part two of this celebration.  please forgive me.  i have at least 8 or 9 posts backed up to blog!  BUT, onward for part two.  

did i mention that miss laura had every single detail planned out for this day?  as a graphic designer, i am CERTAIN that her talents are displayed wonderfully, BUT, laura planned and decorated for this affair all on her own.  in my opinion, i think this just may be a SAH-WEET calling for her in the wedding business.  she is just phenomenal!

alex and laura, i sure was beat at the end of your day, but i LOVED LOVED LOVED every minute of it!  congrats you two!  CHEERS!

 this just SCREAMS "kennedy" to me.  love the motion, love the grain, love the you hear jfk like i do??

a twist on the first sock shot :)!

did i mention details?