happy birthday shannon and sherri!!!! pnc park

24 years ago today, in the middle of the night, in a panicked mad race for the telephone (my grandmother did beat me  there :)), my little girl dreams came true.  i was eleven and my dad had just announced (via phone:)) that my mom had given birth to twin GIRLS!!  from that day forward, my life has been so blessed by these two sisters of mine.  

this morning, exactly 24 years later, they woke up in the same bed (literally sleeping together...we were out of town and staying in a hotel, but do you SEE the point here??)...being identical twins has been quite an experience for them and for me.  if you know me at ALL, you know i adore these sisters of mine.  and if you have ever called or emailed me, you have probably heard back from one of the two.   my sisters are just about the world to me.  and to honor them, a few snapshots from today!  love love love you two.   mwwwaaaa!


 happy birthday aunt shannon and sherri (shannon gets the rights at 10 minutes the "older" twin :0)  happy birthday to you!

pnc park.  my son is a MANIC pirate / baseball fan, and we celebrated the birthdays HERE today!

so this one is just for laughs.  my sisters are identical.  they share ALOT!  this pic KILLED me when i opened it up minutes ago.  it looks like SHERRI is in this kiss too! sorry sweet sher, i had to do it.  just too funny!  errr....what WERE you doing?

sherri and i :)


love you two.  thanks for the honor of being your BIG sister :)